The Pastor

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Horace Dukes Jr. is the pastor of Tri’umphant Word Ministries Inc. C.O.G.I.C. which is located at 7263 Church Street in Riverdale GA. He has been in ministry most of his adult life. His father, Superintendent Horace Dukes Sr. was his pastor for 36 years before God called him home. During most of those 36 years pastor Horace Dukes Jr. served as church organist and choir director.

The Call

During the latter 1990s pastor Dukes experienced the call of God to preach and teach the gospel. He was ordained in 2000 under the Northern Georgia II Jurisdiction of the Churches of God in Christ.

The call of God upon pastor Dukes’ life has been demonstrated by an intense and unselfish desire to win souls to Christ. Like any true leader of God’s people, he recognizes the necessity of properly managing the business side of the church. He believes, however, that the business side should never overshadow the Great Commission—namely to make disciples of those that don’t know the Lord.


Pastor Dukes graduated from Georgia State University in 1978 and his degree laid the foundation to work in corporate America. In 1983 pastor Dukes was bestowed the coveted designation, Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) after completing intense study and 10 national exams.  He worked for 32 years as a commercial underwriter, underwriting manager, and risk analyst.  He retired in 2010.

Pastor Dukes graduated from Beulah Heights Bible College (Beulah Heights University) in 2002 where he gained invaluable knowledge on how to read and study the Word of God.  His time at Beulah Heights carries some of his fondest memories because the school was not just an institution of learning; it was also an environment for spiritual development.

Pastor Dukes has pursued additional studies at The Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) and completed nearly 30 hours towards the Masters in Divinity Program. ITC has afforded a global perspective of religion and has provided insight into the cultural dynamics that shape biblical history.


Pastor Dukes is married to Jennifer Dukes, who is a strong ambassador and advocate for Christ. The Lord has blessed them with three daughters: Brittany, Haseena, Amber and one son, Benjamin.