The Ministries

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Sunday School

We offer Sunday School classes for various ages. Our youth classes are segmented by ages 3 to 8, 9 to 13, and 14 to 18. We have separate Sunday School Classes for adult women and men. Separate classes afford the ability to deal with gender-specific issues that impact us as we make application with the Word of God.

Bible Study

Our Bible Study sessions are “Word-Driven” and serve as a means of hearing what the Lord is saying to His church. The setting is often a controlled but open forum, where questions are permitted and personal experiences shared. The pastor presents the topic and challenges us to study the Word in the context and syntax in which it was written. Attendees are asked to bring their bibles and paper so that they can take notes.

Young Women Christian Council (Y.W.C.C.)

The ladies of the church meet monthly to discuss issues that confront them. Scriptural references are used as the cornerstone for understanding God’s call to women. The increase in the demand for the woman’s time in the home and work setting makes this time of sharing invaluable.

Adult Choir

As it was with David and Solomon, God has given us music to quell the spirit and soothe the soul. The “Voices of Triumph” is our adult choir and they minister to us each Sunday with music and song that is encouraging and uplifting.

Male Chorus

Our men have formed a cohesive group that is able to work together in the beauty of holiness. The men of Tri’umphant Word Ministries will minister in song on special occasions.

Children Ministry

Each 4th Sunday is dedicated to developing our youth. During this time they minister by rendering speeches and giving oratorical reflections. The children’s choir also renders musical selections. The sermon is given by the youth or an adult who can relate to issues that affect our young people.

Evangelistic Team

The evangelist team consists of God-fearing members who believe in the value of witnessing and inviting people to Christ. In fulfilling the Great Commission to disciple others, the evangelistic team makes periodic trips into the neighborhood to invite people to the church and to the Lord.

Civic Aid

Triumphant Word Ministries assists those in the community that are in need of food.  Also, a designated precentage of our annual budget is set aside yearly for non-profit organizations.  To date in 2021, a donation was made to the Atlanta Community Food Bank, St Jude Children Hospital and The Atlanta Chapter Red Cross.

Nursing Home Ministry

As a ministry having Elders and laity with the gift of helps, each first Saturday morning a group of Spirit-led Christians move beyond the four walls of the church into the hallways of wisdom at Reliable Health & Rehabilitation in the Lakewood Ave area. Since many of the patients are unable to attend a community church, our ministry commits to taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. This is a reciprocal ministry– as we share the message of salvation with them, they, as living historians, share their personal experiences. Their insight, knowledge and wisdom on how God has kept them are priceless to our ministry team.