Knock Knock, Who’s There?


Several times in any given day, people will enter your space and the ensuing conversation can be pleasant, unpleasant, or placid.  Before the conversation begins you must choose to engage the person, much like answering your door when someone is requesting entry.  How you answer the door to unpleasant encounters is your best opportunity to represent the God that is in you. 

Some would argue you should meet force with force to avoid the appearance of weakness.  The God in you, however, would have you respond in meekness.  Understand:  Meekness is not a sign of weakness. With God, it is a sign of power under restraint.   Power under restraint is demonstrated through the giant panda bear birthing a babe the size of a stick of butter.   The greatest concern at the Atlanta Zoo when the first panda gave birth was, “would she crush her small young.” To the Zoo’s delight, she handled the birth and care of her baby with incredible gentleness, and life was preserved.   In other words, she restrained her weight and bulk, knowing that doing otherwise kill her baby.

Remember when Moses was confronted by his siblings with contempt?  The bible attributes his success in the matter to meekness (Numbers 12:3).  And since Moses was meek, life was peserved and God handled the matter to let the siblings know that He was backing Moses.   So the next time contempt knocks at your door, send meekness to answer.